The Nu-Bolt assembly consists of a U-bolt with polyshrink, four nuts and a cut-and-drilled piece of half-round I-Rod material. Available in sizes up to 42".


I-Rod thermoplastic material is sold in half-round lengths or cut and drilled to fit standard U-bolts from 2” to 36"


I-Rod clips conveniently fasten to new or existing cradle-style supports, Grinnell clamps and pipe shoes.

Nu-Bolt assemblies have been in worldwide service for over 25 years without a single reported pipe failure.

Designed by corrosion engineers, a Nu-Bolt assembly combines our half-round I-Rod support with a modified pipe U-bolt. A variety of corrosion-resistant treatments provide reliable, long-term service in the harsh operating environments associated with offshore oil and gas production and coastal processing facilities.

U-bolts with polyshrink being fabricated in our Houston facility

Cut and drilled pieces of I-Rod ready to be combined with U-bolts

1. I-Rod

I-Rod thermoplastic (white) works extremely well for most process piping conditions. In situations with extreme operating temperatures, Deepwater offers I-Rod HT material (amber) or I-Rod PEEK (tan) material that protects up to 480º F.

2. Polyshrink

Polyshrink is applied over the shank of the U-bolt to protect the pipe's paint during installation. The UV-stable, cross-linked polyolefin material can be used in temperatures up to 230 °F (110 °C).

3. Coated Nuts

The same coatings that are available in the U-Bolt itself are available for the four (4) nuts that are part of each Nu-Bolt assembly. Extra nuts are available separately.

4. Coated U-Bolt

Our carbon-steel Nu-Bolts are available with one of two coatings: Hot-dip galvanized or SermaGard®. SermaGard is a corrosion-resistant coating reliable in even the harshest offshore conditions. Nu-Bolts are also available in 316 SS.